100 WC phillip

I thought apples were stronger then rocks but they weren’t. I saw my friends die on the near by rocks near the tree. I got worried. I never thought rocks could make marks and could make a scar on my red skin. I didn’t want anything to do with rocks. I wish I could get out of this tree. I wish…

I was looking for humans at the morning. Humans comes every morning to get one of us. One of us apples…

The humans saw me and chose me. Now I’m stuck here in space, but I made history.

7 thoughts on “100 WC phillip

  1. Phillip, this was a brilliant 100WC! I love how the story is from the point of view of the apple- I think you have a great imagination. This is a really creative use of the picture that you were given to write about- well done.

  2. I agree with the comment above, this is a great idea for the story! I love the sadness of one of them being chosen every morning. An inpsired use of this picture, well done.
    Jane Team 100wc

  3. Thank you. I appreciate your comments and i was also in the special showcase so i am really suprised. I thought i’ll never win. 🙂

  4. Phillip,Your 100WC was really good.It was extremely dramatic!Which is very good.Keep on writing 100WC.They are really exciting and amazing!

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