My 100 Word Challenge

This is my 100 Word Challenge.

After watching hundreds of TV shows, I decided to go to the moon. As I got there, I saw a figure. It was blue, small and oval. I can speak alien so I said ” Are you hungry? You can share with me!” It said” Yes.” It snatched my lunch and ate it. The alien scoffed it down. I carried on eating. The alien didn’t notice me, but then he said in his language “Can you help me? and I said “ OK!” When I got back to my rocket it was gone. What shall I do? How do I get home?….

5 thoughts on “My 100 Word Challenge

  1. What a dilemma! I like the way that you ended your 100WC with questions, this makes your readers think about your writing.
    I also like the wide range of punctuation that you have included in your writing, well done. 🙂
    Next time, try to remember to use a new line for a new speaker, this makes it easier for your reader to follow your story.

  2. Well done Chiara! this is really interesting to read. Keep You the good writing!

    If You were to write another bit to this, what would it be?

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