100-WC Wierd friend

“Wake up son!” Ben’s mum called
“five more minutes mum.” Ben said
1 hour later, Ben went to school it was snowing.
After the school day Ben was going home and he found a piece of paper .
Ben got his as red as a tomato glasses and picked it up and read it .
It said Go to moon you need to rescue the world.
1 day later,Ben went to the rocket and he went to the moon.
Ben arrived he saw a blue blob he said “whats you name?”
the blob awnesered “Bluie.”
What is going to happen?

7 thoughts on “100-WC Wierd friend

  1. Hi Aleksandra,
    I wonder what IS going to happen!
    You packed a lot into the 100 words which is hard to do. Remember to go back over your writing to check for any small mistakes.
    Keep up with your reading and writing and your work will get better and better.
    Well done!

  2. wow this is great i want to read more and more and i wonder what is going to happen just check your sentencens because it dose not make sence a bit but it is still good

  3. This is amazing Alexandra. The suspense at the end really want to make you find out more.

    So what happens next is the Alien nice or horrible I need to know

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