100WC – Molly D

Lonely, lost and confused, all mixed together . Alone in the jet-black sky, flying to a land forgotten. The first child to ever reach the moon.

The milky – white rock stared in front of me. I was nearly there. Five minutes until the will rejoice. Two minutes. My adrenaline pumped crazily. I had landed!

This was it! A miracle happened. But, out of the corner of my eye, something was coming…

Blue – tack was looking at me. It stammered,


I gave him a sandwich from my lunch-box. We talked about our different worlds and species. Suddenly, everything went pitch black…

4 thoughts on “100WC – Molly D

  1. Wow . That is a very discriptive and interesting story . I like how you have described it as some blue tack . Well done .

  2. Wow, what a great story Molly! I really enjoyed reading your work and the open ending has left me wanting more! You have used some fantastic adjectives too – well done. 🙂

    Keep up the brilliant work!

    Laura (Team 100WC)

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