Deep in side the heart of the forest there stood a ram shackled ,old dwelling.The roof was on edge of clapping.It seemed like it has deserted, unloved for longer than I have lived.Then stuttering across the creaky  floor boards was spiders but no other creatures..Then everything I touch started to wobble and break.

Then I heard a noise it sounded like tip tap tip tap.My legs started to wobble and my teeth started to quither and my heart bleated quicker. I slowly moved forward and all I could see were red eyes glowing in the dark. He quickly dashed right past me into the forest

8 thoughts on “100wc-poppy

  1. I like your writing Poppy – you have really created a sense of suspense in your writing – I wish you had more words to tell us the rest of the story! I want to know who or what the red eyes belonged to…

  2. wow that was nice i like it how you used the way you felt
    to improve you can say a bit about where you are in this story
    well done!!!!
    from south australia

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