A maths investigation

Today in our maths class were solving an investigation from nrich. We had to fill in a disk box with different colours, but make sure we put them in the right place and have the right amount of colours.We also had to work out how big the space where the booklet goes.If we got it wrong this would mean we would get the whole investigation wrong. This would mean ‘trial and error’ which was a key thing that was needed.

Here is the link to the investigation.


6 thoughts on “A maths investigation

  1. It’s great to see your work, Molly and Lucy. I agree that trial and error (or trial and improvement as I like to call it!) is a very useful approach for this problem. In fact, it’s a great strategy for starting lots of maths problems.

    Well done!
    Liz from NRICH

  2. Hi year 5,
    The math investigation looks really fun, I think you did really well.
    In maths we are doing perimeter and area.
    Did you do it as a class,in pairs,in groups or individulal?
    From Oscar St Martin of tours:)

  3. Hi Year 5,

    Your Maths investigation looked like fun.
    In maths we are doing perimeter and area.
    Did you complet your investgation?
    I can’t wait to do the quad bloging with your school.
    Sheridan St Martin of tours.

  4. Hi Grade 5

    That maths investigation looks really fun. I love your class pet Denzal he is so cute. When my class did it last year it was simple as. There was more orange then the rest of the other colors. There was orange’ purple’ yellow’ red’ green’ brown and black. Which color is the biggest color in your maths investigation.

    Noah St Martins of Tours

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