Don’t Panic!

“There it was. The sun illuminating the atmospheric and the universe around us. I just relaxed as the sun sustained the heat. I just want to lay here, for years and years. It just maintained the heat.” Suddenly I realized that It today was a school day and on school days I had to go to school and also, that was a brilliant start to the extended write we  where going to do day. The very next part could be ” then a monster from outer space eats our heads of ” or ” a very ugly man so ugly that once he literally burnt my eyes out. More and more Ideas Poped into my head as I hurried of to school but I couldn’t choose because it was a too hard decision to make. As I came out of the house, a Fat ugly man was mowing the lawn. Like in my story I planed out, he was so ugly and fat that it nearly burnt my eyes out. I really wanted to tell him how ugly he was but It some how felt like the wrong thing to do.” The sun got closer and closer. I died.” I instantly became to panic. What if my story was to short and boring! I thought deeper.” Every thing was white and I floated. I was an Angel about to take flight to heaven.” The ugly man stood, mouth opened and eyes fixed at me as I was some sort of fool. I panicked more and tried to think of a different topic.

“one potato,

two potato,

three potato,


burgers on sale

monsters from outer space

rude teachers

things that smell bad


dirty nappy’s


Steven Gerard

Lionel Messi


red cards


Things that look funny”

Unfortunately I got a Z minus that my teacher made up!



One thought on “Don’t Panic!

  1. I love this story Owen!
    It is amazing and the description in it is phenomenal!
    Well Done
    How did you come up with this story?
    You would be a fantastic author one day.

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