9 thoughts on “My silly dog

  1. Wow your dog is so crazy I want to get a dog like that and I want to call it Ted if it is a boy. If it was a girl I would call it Jasmine. Your dog is so cute I want to get a puppy because they are so cute. My neibour has a puppy and it is a girl. The puppys name is Rubie and when she wags her tale she wags it hard. When I was a baby my brother and I had a doberman it was a big dog. When my dad had a dog he got robbed and the dogs barked all night until my dad told them to shoosh up. They must of been cool when my dad had dogs. I wish they where still alive. One died on my birthday. How old is your dog. Have you seen Big Ben ? From Noah

  2. Dear Ciara,

    We loved your dog. Is it a boy a girl? We think it looks so cute in that photo… what kind of breed is your dog? How old is it?
    From Jamii and Layla : D

    • My dog is a girl and I agree she does look cute in that photo. My dog is a staffy, most people are scared of her because the gangsters get staffy’s and train them to be bad! She is 4 and 5 in June 🙂

    • See does it all the time, You just get her toy and pull it up and she goes with it! She doesn’t do it any more because she is older now! 🙂

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