The Face

Suddenly the pain in my arm burst open in agony as a shower of claret blood dappled the surrounding vegetation. The gunshot ricocheting in my ears; I dived down to the ground. A scream reverberated through the chilled summer air. My arm still throbbing, I shoot the rifle obliviously over my  head towards the violent slaughter.


Life taken in seconds. Now I see my friends body lying on the ground. I forced through  to see his face though; it wasn’t him that I saw : Never before had I see such fear paralyzing a man’s face. It’s the face that will always haunt me ;not the fight.


2 thoughts on “The Face

  1. A wonderfully descriptive 100wc Rene. I LOVE the last line – very dramatic and it sums up the whole story beautifully. I also like the way you open with the prompt. This gives you much more scope to add your unique description (which you have done).

    We will continue work on colons and semi-colons – be careful with tenses too!

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