Molly- 100WC

Finally, the time came. Although suddenly, it didn’t feel right. Why should people get shot? By me? Unless I get shot first. One minute until it started. I breathed calmly, assuring myself over again. There was a shout. It had started.


All I could describe was chaos. Scarlet blood shot from all directions; I could hear the clinking from swords, the desperate cries from the soldiers. Suddenly, the pain in my arm took over me, I fell to the ground.

The next thing I remembered was being in hospital. This wasn’t the end, but I can’t remember all of the story. Really, I don’t want to.

5 thoughts on “Molly- 100WC

  1. I like that at the end you said that you couldn’t remember much and that you didn’t want to.
    Fantastic Molly!

  2. I really like the images this conjures up, I see a WW2 soldier because you talk about shots and swords possibly being bayonets clinking.

  3. This is a really powerful piece of writing Molly, you have really created a picture in my mind of what it must have been like to be there. I like that you have written it in the first person as a sort of diary style entry. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. A really powerful 100wc Molly. You have added some brilliant description that helps the reader to imagine where you were, while your use of punctuation and paragraphs is excellent. I really like the way you have ended – this shows the emotional side of your character.

    Keep it up!

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