100 WC

Why did I join what went threw my head when I said yes? The General shouted “COME ON WE CAN END THIS NOW! My mind went blank all I heard was gunshot. Suddenly the pain in my arm grew stronger I was shot. With my head held high, I shot a bullet. I heard someone scream an enemy and then my friend said good shot. I did it I killed someone I collapsed to my I didn’t realize what I did. I dropped my gun and ran I thought I would run forever but I suddenly stopped.

5 thoughts on “100 WC

  1. A very dramatic 100wc Kimi. Your description is fantastic and adds to the drama and pace of your writing.

    The last couple of sentences could be improved by checking punctuation carefully.

  2. A great cliffhanger Kimi, I really want to know what happens next! How will your character cope knowing that they have killed someone? Are they safe now? A fantastic response to the 100 word challenge, keep up the good work!

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