100 WC Joe W



I was in agony as the bullet hit my arm.Suddenly the pain in my arm got worse and worse I thought I wasn’t going to make it then the paramedic’s came and the guy who shot me had disappeared.As I got into to the hospetal bed the

pain had go worse they rushed me straight to theatre to do surgery on my arm.They made it even worse my arm was numb the split it open so the could see the wounds.When they’ve had done the put me back into my bed but I couldn’t make it.I died of a painful death!


2 thoughts on “100 WC Joe W

  1. This is quite a gory story Joe! I like the part at the end because you didn’t just say you died you said you died a painful death. This is very good work and I am looking forward to see more of your story’s on the blog.
    Well Done! 🙂

  2. You worked very hard on your 100wc Joe. I am really pleased to see so much description in your work which makes it a very interesting read.

    Please take your time with full stops though – I know you can do this.

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