Today, I went to school it was a nice cool day in the sun under the shining sun but in the afternoon we were playing rounders but suddenly the pain in my arm I failed in agony then the police came i felted i was unconscious.There was a mystery that had to be solved and the person Wait his name is who is he and why did he shot him or was it a distraction to steal something this is confusing like a puzzle but then the police. Nobody knowed what happened that afternoon all we know is that the person will go to prison…


2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. This is good Daniel.
    I like how you said you knew nothing about what happened but you only know one thing

  2. There is a lot of mystery and excitement in your 100wc Daniel, well done. I’m really pleased you are checking your spellings much more carefully.

    Next stop – punctuation!

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