The pain in my arm! 100WC Luke

The plane came towards my island. CRASH! I awoke, suddenly the pain in my arm hit me like a gunshot. The enormous SOS plane must have broke into pieces and trapped my arm under the door. The world span around me and my eyes shut once again. With a mighty cry I slipped my hand free. I studied footprints from the sand. The pilot was in look! I searched for him and found him sitting in the corner drinking my last drop of water. He saw me and stammered, β€œ w…w…What do you wan…n…nt!”

β€œTo help you!”

Now we are the craft brothers who survived!

2 thoughts on “The pain in my arm! 100WC Luke

  1. You have some terrific description here Luke. I can really imagine being at the site of the crash!

    Try to improve the first sentence if you can – words like ‘came towards’ could be improved, as well as the word CRASH! Even though you only have 100 words, try to describe the crash rather than just use the word.

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