Prison – 100wc

Death. The man charging towards me. Silence. Escape – no one can. The howls in the night are sad, pathetic and silly there is no point in crying.Prison is a horrible place. I am the only person on death row, the only woman.My family say I am a disgrace to there country, Italy. I have not seen them since my ex husband threatened to murder me if I did not get back with him.I   moved to run then … suddenly the pain in my arm… shattered through me. I picked up his knife, stabbed it through his heart. I am here that very night.


3 thoughts on “Prison – 100wc

  1. The emotion in this 100wc is incredible Javine. You have really got into role extremely well, and your use of both longer and shorter sentences add to the drama.

    The ONLY thing I would want you to improve is your ending – I’m not quite sure it makes sense. What do you think?

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