Emil 100wc

It was a calm and sunny day. I went bowling with my friends at the bowling centre even though I had a bad arm. I tried to show that I was the best. I took the shiny ball full of weight and threw it with all my might.“Ouch”! Suddenly the pain in my arm got worse. I felt like rock falling off a cliff. I was really dizzy. My head started to spin. I could here my friends laughing at me. I couldn’t stand the pain.

Later, I found myself in a hospital. My friends had helped me. “Thank You”. I was feeling well now.


7 thoughts on “Emil 100wc

  1. A good 100WC. Next time it would be good to vary your sentence starters.
    Mrs Thomas (team 100wc)

  2. You have written well here Emil – very well organised and some good description too.

    As Mrs Thomas says, the sentence starters do need to be a little more varied!

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