My 100WC

I rode in an ebony ferrari.It darted round the motorway: this was a car that sneered at speed limits.


I looked outside.The orche sun illuminated  the sky as well as the atmosphere.I allowed myself revel in my own world.I see me lying in the sun as long as the sun maintained its heat.BUMP,the car takes a sudden jerk obliterating my thoughts. I just relaxed and let the sun sustain its heat.The  taupe thick trees trunk loomed over me watching me, protecting me.

BOOM!.I feel a searing pain in my arm.Suddenly the pain in my arm turned lethal…

5 thoughts on “My 100WC

  1. Wow! This is very descriptive Lucy. I love how you put how your arm felt lethal.
    It’s fantastic and amazing. 🙂

  2. This is exactly what we talked about Lucy – well done. There is so much build up and description here before a sudden and dramatic ending.

    Just be careful with tenses – there is a mixture of past and present here.

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