My friend came round

On Saturday my friend Jelita came round to m house. When she came we played a game.  Jelita really likes my 2 year old brother so we all played with my brother.  Jelita had lunch with me.  5,6 minutes after us two went to the park with my little sister.  When e got to the park we saw that her brother was following us.  In the park we played on the roundabout and me nd Jelita had a race because we both took our bikes.  After that her dad told us that she needed to go back home so I went home with her to her house.  At her house she has a trampoline  so we junped on the trampoline.   Then we decorated a little round thing in her garden.  

3 thoughts on “My friend came round

  1. It sounded like you really enjoyed your selves. I recently went to Djemcy’s house and we had the same day as yours. 🙂

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