My guinea pigs

IMG_0411[1]These are me and my sisters guinea pigs. Mine is the black and gold one, my sister’s one is the gold one. I have blogged about them before but with no pictures!

12 thoughts on “My guinea pigs

  1. Hi St. Josephs,
    The Guinea pigs are so cute ! We just want to cuddle them ! We wish we had some 🙁 We don’t have any animals at our class but Room 12 has 2 gold fish ! LUCKY !
    What are the names of the Guinea pigs? 🙂

    From Sara and Brinal
    Henderson North School Yr 6s

    • Hello,
      These are my guinea pigs, not the schools! We don’t have class pets at our school. Their names are Mango and Toffee. Mango is the black one and Toffee is the gold one.

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