My Poem About Bradley

I’m master Chalkers , a boy who doesn’t lose,

I’m the pro of bullies, of which I didn’t choose,

Carla is my role model ,who pulled me out of hell,

At first I didn’t like her so I told her she did smell,

Carla is a dove who fell out of the sky,

Life without her’s empty, I’d rather die.


School is just a waste of time for me,

I hate it, it’s somewhere I don’t want to be,

I hate the kids, I hate the staff especially the teachers,

Talking about me saying I’m all kind of creatures,

As Jeff’s gang swirls around me with a smurk,

Laughing like hyenas, they called me a fat jerk,

All of them,the bullies, called me coy,

But after all I’m only a little, lonely, fat boy.

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