100WC Sneha

My favorite book was the  there is a boy in the girl bathroom because it was full of description and it is full of emotions.  

3 thoughts on “100WC Sneha

  1. This is a great review on the boy in the girl’s bathroom Sneha. I how you have put about the change in emotions and how his is vital to the storyline.I love”This book is our main concentration”.

    Could you have improved your last sentence?

    Well Done

  2. Well done for your great review effort and very thoughtful review. This tells you quite a bit about the book. I liked how you put that there was a message to that story.

    Your last two sentences don’t really relate to the book. Could you change them.

    Well Done for your review on there’s a boy in the girls bathroom. 🙂

  3. Hi Sneha, This is a great book review for the 100WC. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is particularly good that you have described not only the story line but also the meaning behind the story. Well done.

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