My Report On Bradley Chalkers

When I first saw Bradley Chalkers, I saw something in him that made me think he was troubled. When I was meeting him I wasn’t cross with him because I knew he could change, he just needed to  see me a couple more times. He was lonely and miserable because  of his life on the playground.

From what Bradley has been telling m, he is only a bully because he wants respect. His home life sounds quite hard for him because I think he feels embarrassed for the way he feels. I know he is keeping a big secret from me that I can help him with.

I helped him quite a lot by giving him my favourite book. He really likes the book; it made him become friends with Jeff again. I also helped him by talking to him about things he wants to talk about.  I think Bradley has changed a lot while seeing me.

I think he struggles to stay concentrated during class. Bradley just needs to create a bond with his teacher  Mrs Ebble.

He has jjust gotten used to having no friends and not doing his homework. When Jeff started school he wanted to be friend. Bradley was just surprised and now he has had Jeff as a friends and been to a birthday party, Bradley is a normal boy and has normal friends.

Into conclusion, I think Bradley Chalkers, he lights up my day every time I see him. I think Bradley has changed a lot and you should be  proud of him.

Carla  Davis

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  1. I like the first paragraph because it goes straight into the main subject and it explains in full detail about Bradly. 😀

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