My Poem

 Mummy Poem

My husband is a stupid, ugly lad                                                          
And all my children are very very bad
And my children don’t even like me!
Espiecally one and his name is Lee
Me and my mother never got along
My children play me like the’re playing ping pong
I buy 5 things for them every day
Can I have a cup of tea, can I may?
At 8 o’clock that’s bye bye to the light
I put them to bed without a fight
Me and my family don’t have anything in common at all
They will do what they’re told is I give them a call
That was my poem I hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “My Poem

  1. Hi Ciara,
    I really loved your poem, it is really funny and cool ! How long did it take you to do this? I love it when you wrote “My husband is a stupid ugly lad” It made me giggle. What made you do this poem ?

    Sara Rm1

  2. I really like your poem Ciara! You have picked some great rhyming words.

    What was your inspiration for this fantastic poem? 🙂

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