4 thoughts on “D.T

  1. This is a great look on what we have done fr the past four days.I love the photo I think it is very clear.What was your favourite part of it all? Mine was painting the main colour as you could never go out of the lines so you be as careful or as wreck less as you want.

    Maybe next time you could you have added more detail.Could you have done anything about our sowing

    Well Done!

  2. I like doing D.T. I like working in my group too. I was doing the tower bridge. We made it with chicken wire, covered it with mod – rock or paper and then painted it. In our group we had to add on some details. I remember when we used the paint it went all over my group except for Lucy! Also I got pricked a few times with the sharp edges of the chicken wire.
    Rene even got it in her hair!
    Anyway D.T was so much fun and I would love to do it again. It is probably one of my favourite subjects.

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