Bradly Chalkers diary (the change)



Lets just get one thing straight…… my mum forced me to write this diary when I specifically told her that I wanted journal . But really, I only wanted it  to scribble in it because of the fact that I had nothing to scribble on and Mrs Ebbel kept spotting me scribble on my desk. The main reason is that, what if one of the girls see holding my diary.   Coleen, Miranda but worst of all Loud mouth Lori- she can tell the whole school!

Tuesday (Morning)

The first thing I hear every morning is things like ” you sleep like a pig” or ” stop snoring Bradly! ” . It’s kinda funny in a way because if you look at their faces you would think that there going mad or something.

Because I am Bradly Chalkers I MUST take a shower occasionally, I recon about once a month???. This is when it comes to “pretending” .( Its basically lying).


 Your probably asking why does Bradly lie to every one except his cute and cuddly toys that does not do ANYTHING. well good question the answer is obviously because I am the one and only Bradly Chalkers the bully. Until I met Carla…………

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