My Half Term – Trip to Twycross Zoo

This half term I went to the zoo with my dad, we saw lots of different animals and lots of new ones that we have not seen before. This is the penguin Parade it was quiet boring cause it was just Penguins following a man with a fish.
CIMG1016” alt=”Penquin Walk Parade” />

These are called Bush Dogs. Even though they look like small bares  they are still Dogs but they can take down an animal almost    twice as big as them self.

CIMG1012” alt=”” />

These are the Flamingoes these birds can fly but the zoo keepers snipped of the long feathers so they don’t fly away cause they wont survive properly.

CIMG0995” alt=”Famingoes” />

These are the Meercat they are small with black beady eyes and a black nose that always twitches as it smells.

CIMG0988” alt=”Meercat” />

I forgot what these are called but they are small live on flat land an build their houses in the shape of a volcano. If you can leave the name of it in a comment  it is called something Dog.

CIMG0985” alt=”” />

This animal is called a Coatie they share the same exhibit as the Bush Dogs they have long claws that makes them good at climbing.

CIMG1007” alt=”” />

You can find out more about the zoo and all the different animals by clicking on to this link Twycross Zoo

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