Niall 100wc #2

The glistening water shimmered as the crack of dawn broke, the ever elusive sun shone brighter than ever before a bird swooped down. I was cruising along in my speed boat when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl screaming for help, surrounded by sharks! The sharks, raging for blood my mind was set on one thing beating the sharks I dove in the girl now demanding help. Suddenly the sharks fled  in mortification! A dark shadow inclosed us in darkness! We scrambled in help back to my speed boat, ferociously squid slammed his tentacle to mark his territory.


One thought on “Niall 100wc #2

  1. Well done Niall, You have used some great descriptions to set the scene, especially about the sharks circling. I wonder if you could check back to see if you have missed any punctuation which would make it easier for your reader to read and add to their enjoyment of this piece of writing. I like the ideas you used.

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