100 wc – Maria and Javine

Suddenly,I heard a sound.I have never heard it before. I thought this is  the end then I thought to myself sadly,maybe i’ll die peacefully,maybe even when momma and pappa will mourn for me! Ha,that will teach them for leaving me.SQAUCK!

“What`s that?”

Suddenly,The birds swooped down and… hit me on the head!  “OWWWWWWWWW!”I screamed, that hurt so bad blood was trickling down !I rushed to the nearest lake,my life is a mess I said, Momma and pappa are never coming back for me!They are staying in Hawii.They have got a house and  food.

One thought on “100 wc – Maria and Javine

  1. Thanks for entering this week’s 100 word challenge Maria and Javine. You have created a sombre and quite sad atmosphere for the story. I’m really worried about your character… Why has she been abandoned? How will she look after herself? Well done, keep up the good writing.

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