Ciara & Daniel 100wc

My mum died, it was the worst day. The only memory I have of her is when my dad said he wanted to die, but on that night that was it for my mum, she was gone. Her name was Emily Sharp. I think my mum haunts me every night, she sings me to sleep at night. She was the best mum ever; wife according to dad. I feel myself dying inside, I feel myself. I am a ghost. The back door’s wide open, I fly out. The birds swooped down and created a love heart, I could see her. “Mum, I really missed you”

6 thoughts on “Ciara & Daniel 100wc

  1. Ciara and Daniel, what a powerful 100WC! Your writing made me cry. This is a beautifully written piece and really comes from the heart, you should both be exceptionally proud of this. It’s not a word I try to use in comments, but….. wow!

  2. My, what a powerful post and a novel way to use the prompt! I’m intrigued to know the background to your mother’s death, and reading some more details about the sad tale. Why not try extending this into a story?

  3. It’s great how you put ‘ I feel myself dying inside’ because it showed how you cared about your mum. Keep it up! 😀

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