100wc – Annabel M and Kimi-Blue

The Ice-Cream Snatcher

On a hot summers day , I was walking across the pier when I saw something flying in the air above me. I reckoned it was one of those pesky seagulls .  Going for another lick of my ice-cream , I realised something . THERE WAS A CLAW IN IT ! I looked up and saw some ZOMBIE SEAGULLS . They looked inside out , the intestines dangling from its split open belly . In seconds , the birds swooped down and grabbed my ice cream with me still hanging on . Suddenly I felt this pricking sensation on my hand . They were pecking it off . I let go forgetting about the shark infested waters .


2 thoughts on “100wc – Annabel M and Kimi-Blue

  1. Wow! From a beautiful seaside walk to a frightening horror scene in a few words. That’s quite some transition! I have seen seagulls snatch things, but I’m glad to report they were normal ones rather than the zombie variety. That’s a wonderfully vivid description of what the zombie seagull looks like; conjures up quite an image in the mind … but one I’m going to try and forget!
    Thanks for sharing your 100WC.

  2. Who would gave ever thought a summer’s day could end up like this! You took me by surprise and drew me in to read more. Also you have some great vivid verb choices. Nice writing for this 100WC prompt!

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