The dangerous vulture- 100wc

There once was a world of vulture’s but then they all started to die. Meanwhile humans started coming alive. All of a sudden the vulture’s stopped dying and there was only one left. 10 years later the vulture grew into a strong and dangerous vulture so all of the people were in danger. The next day the  vulture found a family walking along the beach. It hadn’t had any food for 2 weeks so he was hungry and the bird swooped down and took the baby. The bird took the baby back to it’s den and ate it the vulture got so full it died.

4 thoughts on “The dangerous vulture- 100wc

    • Thank you very much. We thought if the parents got eaten then it wouldn’t of been to attractive to the reader.

  1. Hi Mollie and Asyhveen, Well, you certainly thought out the plot for this 100 word challenge! That poor baby – and the family too! At least the vulture got its just deserts!

  2. Hi Mollie and Asyhveen,
    That was quite a story you both developed. I guess I’m glad both died at the end, but it still was startling.
    One thing you need to remember is not to put an ‘ in its when it doesn’t stand for it is.

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