My pet bird 100wc

 my pet bird

Every day my life seems to be a short circuit of the same casual events . I go down for my breakfast and have my burger. Suddenly the bird swooped down and snatched my burger out of my hands. Apparently its my untrained, misunderstood bird.I stomped in rage knowing that it had stop ; knowing that it can not go on. I had to start training him for a change.

it started with a warm up then the proper exercise but it couldn’t fly. The problem was of all of the burger it ate. it was just hopeless.


2 thoughts on “My pet bird 100wc

  1. Hi Djemcy & Owen – what an interesting way to use the prompt! I’m not sure what to make of the bird – maybe he’s trying to look after you by gobbling up that unhealthy burger before you have it for breakfast!

    When writing, do make sure you always have a careful check through your work – can you spot any punctuation that is missing?

    Keep on blogging!
    Mr Kenyon (Team 100wc)

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