100wc- Lucy G and Cian

I was really anxious at the airport wondering if we would  crash land. My mum was on private jet and it crash landed. I imagined fire to be swirling and the ocean to be roaring. It must have been extremely frightening. My mum died because of that.

 Sitting looking at the giant plane, my suitcase was only little so I couldn’t bring any toys . My life was a misery climbing up the steps,sitting on the plane. Heart pounding, hands sweating. We were flying. Suddenly,a bird  swooped  down and got stuck in the propeller  Could anyone help the bird?

One thought on “100wc- Lucy G and Cian

  1. Oh dear! This is a brilliant story. It got me following and imagining the activities expressed. I believe you landed safely to have the story written.
    The way you created the suspense is fantastic. Keep it up!

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