Our 100 Word Challenge

After a stressful flight, Bob and Dave stared at each other and then went to the theme park. Bob decided to have a hotdog. He was worried because there was to many birds and he was thinking if they might take it. It happened! Suddenly the birds swooped down and pooped on Daves head. They had to go home but they couldn’t there home was on the other side on the country (spain) and right now they were in Disneyland Paris. Bob and Dave fell over there flab and got pooped on a lot again and then a hunter came and shot all the birds… 

This is the 100wc that me and Joe D did. Please leave a comment.


One thought on “Our 100 Word Challenge

  1. I can tell you had a lot of fun (and probably giggles) writing your challenge this week 🙂
    Well done on a humourous piece of writing. Poor Bob and Dave!…. and poor birds!!
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC


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