The Thing

In school we had a poem contest where if we won we would preform our poem at St Benedict’s  theatre . I decided to share my poem with you .

Its pink eyes stare

You can see joy proudness hunger

Its teeth shimmer sharp as razors

Who put me here ? Why ?

The rock I hide behind is no use

It sees me it growls it attacks

My life apperes in front of me

A vision of Joy Hope Dreams

Its on top of me

My own blood splatters me

I hear the crunching of bones the ripping of flesh

Then it stops my pain goes

Then I see it the thing that killed me

A thing never seen before

A thing so ugly its stare melts flesh

Its teeth chew through stone

Its saliva burns

Now the silence surrounds me


P.S. I wrote this by myself

4 thoughts on “The Thing

  1. I can’t believe you wrote this on your own Annabel – what gave you the inspiration. You seem to enjoy writing about gory things! I love the line ‘A thing so ugly its stare melts flesh’ – very poetic and dramatic.

  2. WOW you clearly have an imaginative mind.This poem is really,really good,very dramatic but I love it. What inspired you into creating this? I look forward to hearing more good pieces of text or poem ideas from you.


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