100WC- Molly & Rene

Mr C: Molly and Rene had a slight twist to their 100wc this week. Working together, they weren’t allowed to have any sentences the same length as one another. They were challenged to include sentences of 4, 5, 6 words, all the way to 14. How do you think they did? 

I should also mention that both Molly and Rene stayed in during some of their lunch-time to fine tune their work. Great commitment!

Light beat heavily down on the placid water. Waves of serenity swamped over me. Crackling in the  wind  was the tranquil melody of the herins orchestra. It carved through the stillness, leaving calico ripples in its place. In distress, the burnt copper fish thrashed with distraught anticipation. The bird swooped down and with its beautiful audacious power, it angelically dived streamline into the transparent looking-glass. Up into the air soared the bird. The fish, in desperation, hung on to the beak. Crash! Their end was upon them. The fish dropped downwards.

One thought on “100WC- Molly & Rene

  1. What an amazing piece of writing. You have demonstrated control and creativity – I am very impressed. Well done ladies!

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