My sleepover

On Saturday my friend Angelina came round for a sleepover.  My little brother and sister were so exited about her coming round.  When she came my brother couldn’t stop shouting.  Then we watched a little bit of the T.V.  After that my mum gave us something to eat.  After we ate we played a game on mini clip . At 8 o  clock my mum called us down stairs for lunch.  We had pasta for lunch, after lunch we said our prayers and went to bed. Having her round was so much fun.  She is coming again next Friday. 

3 thoughts on “My sleepover

  1. Hi Sneha,
    That was really cool! I bet it would be excitng to have your friends sleepover at your house ! I have never been to a sleepover or created one. But I would love to. I always pictured my sleepover with 5 friends, pizza, icecream, playing video games ’till midnight, and sleeping at 2:00 a.m !

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    I loved your story. Keep it up! 🙂

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