Temple Run

Here is my temple run paragraph(Climax) which I had to do whilst doing Slow Writing.

He could hear the wall’s crumbling and could see the golden idol but could smell damp and wet dog.Slow,Cooling,Breezing wind blew on his face. Slowly, he reached for the idol. As he pulled the golden idol back he nudged one of the monkey statues and they came alive. This was it. What shall he do? Rrrruuuunnnn.

4 thoughts on “Temple Run

  1. Wow, I love your story. This is the one I did too and it needed lots of concentration.

    I like the description in the writing and it gives me the picture of what it looks like. I think you should improve the sentence starters because then your piece of writing will be much more interesting to read, but I like how you’ve put slowly.

  2. This is very discriptive Chiara 😀 My favourite part was when you said Slow,Cooling,Breezing wind blew on his face. Well Done!! 😀

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