When I went to Derby vs Blackpool

When I went to the Derby Blackpool match, as soon as the Rams scored me and Dylan and my Dad jump of are seat we cheered and shouted come on you Rams. As soon as we scored again I jumped of my seat and cheered my head off. I really liked he match and it was a good game to go to.

12 thoughts on “When I went to Derby vs Blackpool

  1. I’m glad you are following your local team Cian – it’s just a shame that Derby aren’t as good as the mighty Middlesbrough, who are top of the league today 🙂

    Remember that it is ‘our’, not ‘are’.

  2. It sounds like a great game! What was the final score ? I think that Yeovil town are better becuse they were at the top of the table at the start of season of 2012/13!

  3. Wow! Sounds like the match was alot of fun, I don’t support Derby, but I still wish i was there!!! I’m a Man City Supporter.

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