Joe’s bearded dragon Spike

This is what he looks like


He likes to eat crickets, locusts, meal worms and as a treat Morio worms. He can only have the worms some times because they are like cream cakes for us and will make him fat! Spike likes eating lettuce and grapes and cucumber as well.

He lives in a special tank with lots of heat and a special light that he likes to sit under and bask. When I feed him I have to hide the cup untill I am ready to let the crickets go , Spike will jump out and try to get them before they are in his tank, it makes my mum scream when the crickets get out and it’s really funny.

Find out more about bearded dragons by visiting this link. You can also take a look at this video clip of a beaded dragon trying to eat a grape it is very funny.

34 thoughts on “Joe’s bearded dragon Spike

  1. Wow! Your bearded dragon looks like he is ready for a treat. His appetite is very interesting, but what are Morio Worms?
    Why does he have lots of heat?
    It made me laugh when you said you mum screamed when you let the crickets go!

  2. well done Joe, like the picture of Spike and the link to the video is funny, especially at the end.
    But it’s not funny when you let the crickets out and they go all over the place and make me scream!

  3. Oh My Gosh, the video is hillarious!!!
    I love Bearded Dragons, so enjoyed reading this blog entry.
    It’s very funny at the end of the video when the bearded dragon falls off the table!!! Spike looks very intelligent and very cute!

  4. Has your bearded dragon ever bitten you? Do you put it in a brothers or sisters wardrobe? How old is it .what does it eat,drink?

  5. I’ve always wanted a bearded dragon. I am happy that you have one, Joe! Where did you get him/her? Is he expensive to feed? Where do you get his food? Anyway, bearded dragons always remind me of REAL dragons!
    Nice picture!

    • thanks we got him from the japanize water garden for 20£ the food costs about 10£ amonth with the bugs vedge and water the food came from were we got him and other pet shops that sell reptiles

  6. Your bearded dragon is funny, how you got it into his mouth I don’t know! Does your bearded dragon eat mouldy grapes as a treat.

  7. That looks like a cool bearded dragon you have told me about before, I would to see a bearded dragon in real life they look cool.

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