Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our blog with three other schools. In turn, we will be visiting their blogs to see what they are learning about too.

Each week one blog will be the focus blog. For example, if in week 1 we were the focus, all of the other schools will visit us. The next week, the focus blog will change so everyone gets a turn.

Our new partners are from Bishop’s Waltham Junior School in Southampton in the South of England; Henderson North School in Auckland, New Zealand; and St. Martins of Tours School near Melbourne in Australia. All of the children are the same age as our class so it will be interesting to see what we are all learning.

Click hereΒ to read more about Quadblogging.

Thank you very much to our wonderful Quadblogging partners, who left us lots of brilliant comments since January:

Year 5 at Stubbins Primary School in Bury, UK

Year 4 at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Grade 4 (similar to year 5) at Crozet Elementary, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.



10 thoughts on “Quadblogging

  1. We are excited to work with you for the next few weeks. I am interested to see how you use blogs and get some new ideas for my kids and our blogs. We’re sorry we haven’t been so good about visiting so far–we’ve had some bad weather and been out of school. Thank you for responding to our blogs!

  2. Wow that maths investagation look hard but I did it last year and it was easy when I did it. Have you figured out the answer yet? What is the weather like up there. Because the weather down here is nice.

    From Noah

  3. Hi Grade 5

    How is your holiday going so far. What have you been doing over the holidays.
    What did you do over easter.

    From Noah

  4. Hello, what did every body do on their Easter holidays?
    How is the weather up where you are?
    Where I am it is starting to get a little cold.
    Do you play sport after school ?
    I play sport after school, I do netball and tennis
    From Madison

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