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We have LOADS of new blogs here at St. Joseph’s. Each class has their own, while Mrs Churchill, the School Council and the Maths team will be blogging too. There are also blogs where the teachers show off the winners of each weekly award.

Why not visit some of the new blogs to encourage the children (and teachers!) in their early days of blogging? Here are the links:


FS2 – Mrs Farmer and Ms Phillips

Year 1 – Miss McDonald

Year 1 – Miss Withington

Year 2 – Miss Mellors

Year 2 – Mrs Brett and Mrs Sheath



Year 3 – Miss Alton

Year 3/4 – Mrs Kirkland

Year 4 – Mrs Kearney

Year 5/6 – Miss Fitzpatrick

Year 6 – Miss Leadbeater


Around the school

Mrs Churchill

School Council

Marvellous Maths

Celebrating Writing

Sharing our Reading – you can log in to this one to submit reading reviews, recommendations, poems, pictures…or even an Audioboo of you reading!

9 thoughts on “St. Joseph’s Blogs

  1. I have had a little look at some of the blogs! I did not a school councils blog! Can you comment on other blogs with your own account and password?

  2. hi cool I have seen some of your blogs and they are great and I really like the pictures.
    from Madison ST MARTIN OF TOURS

  3. Wow i really like the year6 blog it’s full of colors i also like the y5/6 blog love the background. Their teachers must be very passionate about their learning!

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