100 wc – Maria and Javine

Suddenly,I heard a sound.I have never heard it before. I thought this is  the end then I thought to myself sadly,maybe i’ll die peacefully,maybe even when momma and pappa will mourn for me! Ha,that will teach them for leaving me.SQAUCK!

“What`s that?”

Suddenly,The birds swooped down and… hit me on the head!  “OWWWWWWWWW!”I screamed, that hurt so bad blood was trickling down !I rushed to the nearest lake,my life is a mess I said, Momma and pappa are never coming back for me!They are staying in Hawii.They have got a house and  food.

The last survivor,Og

This is my 100 word challenge.

I squinted at the rocket as it launched into space.Darkness filled the air for seconds,but then light burst out!I waited for ages,then ran!My little legs dragged my lumpy body.My house was in sight.I shimmed on to the roof to get a closer look at this war creator.The alien revolution died in the past.Humans won.My world changed in days, and weeks, and months.He spotted my house and I edged closer to get a better look.After a while we made friends.I gave him a apple, poison filled his body.


One morning I woke up and fell out of bed. I landed on something squidgy and something sticky next to it. I slid to the right and found out it was Pancakes and syrup! I drove myself down the stairs and into the kitchen. ” MUM, I squealed “I broke my Pancakes” .                   “How?” mum asked.                                                                                                                  “Just stop asking questions and make me some more.” Mum flipped the pancakes up but… landed on her face!

“MUM” I shouted

“What?” she joked. I ran out the room in a strop, ran up the stairs and into my room. I grabbed my teddy and flopped on the bed. Good night.

Niamh 100wc

On my holidays I stayed in a caravan, the weather was so cold frost covered the ground and the green grass couldn’t be seen at all. During the day heavy snow fell and I went outside to build a snowman.  Every day I looked out of the window and saw rabbits running around my snowman I think they wanted his carrot nose. While I played outside with my sister we had lots of snowball fights so the rabbits stayed away from my snowman.  As the weather got warmer my snowman began to melt and the rabbits got their tasty carrot.