My 500 word challenge

This is my 500 word challenge. I forgot to post it ages ago, but here it is!


Future Dreams

31st July

It’s 2148. The world is a place of doom. The robots have come.They came to take me as a prisoner. We have done all we can, but computers are taking over the world. The world has turned into one big block of computerised metal. I’m in a dungeon at the moment, longing to take one last breath of air, because I know the end is near.

1st August

The computer doctors have just said I have 2 months to live. Good. I want to escape this devastating, heartbreaking world. I’m the last human on earth; at least I think I am. Everyone is so lucky – everyone except me – to be dead and away from hell. It’s not fair.

5th August

I have just had breakfast. It was horrible, as it always is. Pickled mushrooms. But I suppose a monster would have different taste buds from me. I think food and this diary are the only things that aren’t electrical. Even I have an electrical brain to make me live for a very long time. Not forever, thank goodness. Nothing would replace the year 2012. The olympics were on then. In England.That country was normal then.

15th August

I’m sorry that I have been so long, diary. I have been praying to God that time would go by quick so I could be in peaceful heaven. But maybe that has been taken over too! I will just have to hope, for that is all I have left.

20th August

I have thought of a (hopefully) groundbreaking plan! I shall go to sleep for about 15 days, but if I wake I will try and go to sleep again, then lots of my life will have passed!

10th September
I have done it! Only 20 days of dread left. I wonder what’s for lunch today. Iced cauliflower, maybe, I don’t know. But now I have a chance, a chance that could make my life the best life I have had for ages. I will see you tomorrow Diary.

16th September
What have I done? What have I done to deserve this? I have about 15 days to live and now they tell me. I am probably going to cry for the rest of my life. There is one more human on earth. A girl, like me. They only found her yesterday, hiding on an island.

18th September

GUESS WHAT? I am going to see her and I might get to live longer and have a friend because the doctor was wrong! I shall be devastated if I go, but it was what I wanted so I can’t moan. I have to go now because they are going to check my brain.

20th September

I get to live with the girl! I’m dancing around my cell! My heart is pumping with excitement! This is the best day ever. I am going to talk to her now. Bye Diary, see you tomorrow.


The End

My 500wc

The Regular Farm Girl. Look below. 

Tuesday 12th May: My name is Honey Meadows, and I live on a farm. It’s quite an easy life but it’s not easy when you need to muck out the horse’s stables. I live in Canada and I don’t go to school. I wish I could go to school to get a good education but my parents says it wastes too much time. I want something interesting to happen to me in life and I want to find something that no ten year old had ever found before. I have a normal cow-girl style but no one likes it. I think I should wear whatever I want to wear in my opinion.

12.00pm:My parents are the most famous horse carers in the world. They have to go away for two hours every day with Smartie (one of our horses ) to compete in a jumping competition. So, while my parents are away I read a book on a huge pile of hay stacks.

12.15pm:Two very boring hours later, my parents finally came back from the competition. They didn’t win but for once I actually didn’t care. “Honey, my mother shouted from outside, we have something to tell you.”
“ Tell me what mama?” For a minute I thought some dreadful thing has happened.
“ Me and you father have some awful news. Smartie has had a terrible accident and he had to go to the animal hospital.”
“ W-w-what? Why did you even take him out to a competition when you knew he had rusty bones?” I sobbed all evening and I hated myself for not stopping him from going to compete. I cried my unforgivable self to sleep.

Wednesday 13th May: It’s the morning and I am going to go and see Smartie at the hospital. My teeth are chattering and I am horrified what state he may or may not be in. My hands are sweaty and I really am frightened.

5.45pm: I’ve been to the animal hospital and Smartie is in a spacious room lying down. The vet said that Smartie has a broken leg and it is very serious. “ Dad I asked, what are they going to do t-to him?”
“ I don’t know sweetie, I don’t know.”

7.55pm: It’s almost 8.00pm and we are expecting a phone call from the vet. I am shivering and I feel sick. My heart is thumping and I hope Smartie is okay. “ RING RING RING!” The phone rang. It’s the vet. I ran behind mum and squeezed her arm. “Oh-o-oh- ur- ok-sniff” Dad seemed extremely upset. “Dad w-w-what’s wrong?”
“Smar-t-tie has to get p-put down.” From this day nothing good has happened to me and I will never find anything that no other ten year old would find out. All I will find is sadness and misery. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. Why does my life have to be like this? Me and Smartie shared a special bond but now I will never see him again. Thanks for a lovely life with you, Smartie boy.

500 wc

      Nowhere  to be Safe!

Creak! Creak! my heart pounded, I saw a lurking shadow appear. Fear painted mine and Kimi’s faces. Out of the corner of our eye’s we saw a old abandoned shed but we didn’t expect to find the dark horrors within. The shed was plastered in blood, spelling out revenge I slowly started to bleed Bang! we quickly grabbed anything we could and barricaded the door, we had to escape without the monster seeing us “we could dig a tunnel and dig our way home or we could just go out the window” Niall suggested.
“NO!” Bellowed Kimi “we should fight it like a man”
“are you serious we will be killed” “we might be able to distract it with a decoy tho”, we pondered. “Yes! that is it we could use a lady but we will have to make it” bang “quick the door isn’t going to hold much longer” Kimi said nervously
“Finished” there was silence then footsteps leading away, we jumped out of the window and legged it away, but he saw use. We ran to my house but the monster was gone. We thought it would be the end of that but it wasn’t.

The next day we decided to return to the scene of our fears.  Kimi and me went to the forest, being as brave as we possible could.  We scanned the area many times, were we in the wrong part of the forest? the shed was gone. For what felt like ages we retraced our footsteps, a cold shiver went down my spine, we were frozen to the spot at the thought, the shed was really gone. How or why we may never find out or did I dream it.  That was impossible as not only did I dream it but Kimi must of too, NO NO NO that cannot be true. We followed the footsteps again but this time, they stopped, we looked up there was an old creepy house we didn’t dare go in it. Something lured me in, I couldn’t put my finger on it. An old woman appeared the next thing I’m surrounded in complete darkness! I see a figure appear out of the darkness, it approach me, my face started to sweat suddenly I heard a girl screaming HELP HELP it was  hopeless I was strapped to a table. Light came on, the old woman’s face was so wrinkly and scary, Kimi was still not awake. I spotted a knife next to me, I could cut the rope I thought but I couldn’t reach it, she forgot to tie my legs I scraped it off with my foot. Then I grabbed it and cut the rope and then woke Kimi up but he didn’t wake. I started to cut his rope, I grabbed a metal pole and scouted for the old women. For revenge of killing my friend I found her and knocked her out I went to get Kimi he was gone!




My 500 Word Challenge-The Trapped Kittens

One day,when the sun was shining, I was in my log garage and I heard meows and suddenly fear painted my face. I called for help,no one would come.So I went inside and shouted  “Mum, Dad, Mark and Ciara HELP NOW I have heard kittens meowing help me get them out!”I waited for them to come out but no one came.Suddenly I saw a shadow on my back,as it got colder I knew it was my family and I said to them“Thank you for coming now lets get those cats out shall we?”

“Where abouts can you hear them?The men can open the garage and get them out!”

While the boys were doing that me and my mum went shop for lunch.When we came back my dad said”Who left this cloth on the  table outside? take it inside now!”

I could see something as going on so I stayed outside and my sister was about to take it in but then she saw kittens in amazement.They looked awfully small.So me, my mum and Ciara went to the shop to get powder for kittens but they only had puppies powder.The shop owner said, ‘you can also use it on kittens’,the shop owner had kittens herself so she knew what was ok for them to drink or eat and what was not ok for them.Whilst we were at the shop we also bought cat feeding bottles so when we got home we could feed them with those bottles.When we got home we fed them they were scrabbling and gulping the milk that we made from the powder down.They looked very cute and we had one kitten each but we shared two as a family.Then a few weeks later we decided to give them names there were three girls and three boys.The girls names were Milly Molly and Lucy-Lu and the boys were Buster Jim-Bob and Josh they were all the colours black and white two were just black.After a few weeks  they had grown a bit more and they weighed then and all together they weighed 1 and a half stone.Me and my family thought wow they weigh much more than they use to.

Suddenly,one day, Molly would not eat or drink as now they can eat soft kitten biscuits.One day as I woke up a miracle happened Molly started eating again but the problem was she still had diarrhoea but at least we knew she was ok and we did not have to worry about her my little cutie pie.After a few weeks they had all grown and they all had fattened up really fast and now they weighed nearly 3 stone and we were all impressed about how fat they were and surprisingly Molly weighed the most then it was Milly then it was Lucy-Lu and for the boys it was Buster Jim-Bob and then Josh.

My 500 wc

This is my 500wc. I hope you like it 

On a gloomy, miserable day, was a small town. The town was cold and no colours could be seen. Trash was lying all over the pavements and roads, just a land of sorrow. No plants apart from thorns, no toys, not even fun! On this day a strange girl came to this town. She did something daring and something you would need to have courage for. This girls name was Lily. She had pale skin and tree trunk brown hair. She was there because her father died. She went to his funeral, she went all around where he went before he died. 

Later in the day, she went round to his house. As soon as she went in her father’s house the power went out. She crept round to find a torch but there was no torch. All of a sudden, the power came back on and when she turned around she saw spine tingling red writing on the wall. It looked like blood and it said I WARNED YOU! Lily was petrified. Now the power went out for hours. She  remembered a small key-ring on her bag that had her name on it and a small torch. She heard a drip drop, drip drop. Was it blood? Or just a leaking pipe? She looked round with her small torch. She felt a tingle down her spine. Was it her father’s ghost? Or was the window open? She didn’t know…

As the day turned to night, Lily fell asleep on the cold hard floor boards. There was a creaking sound. It sounded like the floorboards were about to collapse which they were. She fell through onto the gravel on a pavement. She woke up. She found herself lying there with no one around. She had red cuts all on her face and up her arm and up her leg. Then, she stood up in agony. She decided to go back to her own home. She saw blood dripping down onto the floor and she was rushing to get back to the bus but it was too late the bus had already gone. She would have to catch another but that wasn’t until the morning. Lily had to stay another night. She missed her family back home. Lily was desperate to leave her dad’s HAUNTED house. She had to find a way back before morning without a bus. She thought about a train but she couldn’t get the tickets in time and she didn’t have enough money so she thought really hard and suddenly it came to her. Lily was going to phone her mum to come and pick her up. There was no signal so she moved somewhere else, no signal. Finally she found somewhere there was signal…the bus
station. She phoned and phoned. No one was in the house so she called on her mother’s mobile phone. No answer there either. Lily was frightened. She was petrified and heart-broken. But it was too late. She was dead.

500 word challenge

This week we were doing the 500 word challenge.I found it ereally fun because we were aloud to write about ANYTHING!This is my story.


                Minecraft trouble!

“Mum,” I shouted ”can I have my 40 minutes on the computer?”
“Sure but remember to do your homework!”
I ran up my new carpeted stairs looking at the photos through my history. I slid onto my chair and logged on to minecraft. I longingly looked at the screen but it just would not load.I guessed I would have to go on the park. ”Mum can I-”
“Sure,” interrupted mum, ”but don’t be late!”

I did my usual thing until there was an unusual noise no human can speak.
.”WATCH OUT!” All of a sudden something shoved me to the side. It was my character in minecraft…

“W-what are you doing here?” A shiver ran down my spine.
“No time to talk” he replied as he sprinted towards the squared skeleton.

I hid him in my cupboard and then there came a noise from downstairs. It sounded like a hiss.No it couldnt be,my Mum set off a creeper.

I got him out of the cupboard. He stabbed the creeper from behind. You could tell by the the face of my Mum that she was really confused. ”What’s going-”
“No time to explain,” I interrupted and faced back towards the squared guy, “do you know how you could get back?”
“I know one way….”

I longingly looked into his eyes. ”Tell us then!”
“Its to destroy Herobrine and Israphel and save Notch!”
My mouth flung open. ”Which one?”I questioned”You know their is a human one, right?”

Mum, confused, listened behind us.”I am still confused, how did that thing get into our world?”
“Why don’t you ask him,” I replied, ”not me!”

He explained every bit of detail. ”and then herobrine pushed everything into this dimension!”
“You mean world!” I interrupted.
“Yer world”he gave me a stern look. I looked closely he was looking behind me.

I felt hot breathing on my soft-skinned neck. It felt like a snake was pulling around my neck. I spun around and shifted nearer to my Mum. Herobrines eyes were fixed on me. I looked behind me for my Mum but she was strides away. I guess it was just me and him. I felt like I heard a wisper echoing round my ear.It said. ”Duck!” I heard it nice and clearly. I did as it said and an arrow shot over my head.It landed straight in Herobrines heart.

We ran towards the portal, behind me I heard a terrible scream. My head spun as I slid through the mud.It was Israphel. He had more than Notch!but my Mum. A sword got thrown in my direction I grabbed hold of it and stood with it firmly in my hand.
I sprinted towards him and stabbed Israphel straight in the chest. My friend jumped through the portal. I sprinted through to his destiny to say bye. It closed behind me. This is my only memory of earth.

I hoped you enjoyed:)

500w challenge

We were doing a 500 word challenge and we were allowed to make it in between 500 and 400 but luckily I made it to exactly 500!



It was the early spring. The time of year where there are flowers, with emerald green stems and extraordinary petals . My favorite were with bright colors like scarlet and    sapphire blue pestles. Everything except nettles.

Soon, I got out of bed and admired the spring view. Then I got straight onto my normal wake-up routine. Slowly I began to stretch hard to get my heart going and ready for another hard day. I felt the fresh feeling rushing through me, sustaining me and waking me up in the proper way. I sauntered downstairs, smiling from cheek to cheek , having the feeling I’ve visited a warm and humble place in Heaven. There I met my dear family who were having a morning feast. I smiled to each and every one of them and they smiled back.
“Good morning” they said cheerfully as I sat on the table.
“ Good morning” I answered back even more cheerfully. Slowly I inspected the room, looking for something pleasant to eat until I noticed a strange, old, garden outside. I paused then I went closely to the garden door but I was stopped by my mother who was beside me. She slowly put her hand on my shoulder, trying to calm me down.
“ please do not go there” she suddenly said.
“ Ok” I answered.

That night, I tucked in bed and tried to sleep but something was waking me up. I heard a bang and some unnecessary noises therefor I had absolutely no choice. I just had to see what was going on. Swiftly I changed into my outdoor clothes.

The dark night was pitch black and scary in a lot of ways. moonlight shining upon me, the only light there is. Strong winds howling and scaring me to death. I stood there wishing that I had brought a teddy to keep me from losing my brain. Slowly, I went from walking to sprinting so I can get it over with. Then I started following the strange noises until it lead me to the same garden. Mostly there were fierce nettles and weeds. My mouth dropped as   I looked closely at the plants but I wanted to stop this nonsense once and for all . I took a deep breath, looked at the victim and thought“ how could I do this wearing sandals?” suddenly I realized that I have to face and conquer my fears. I took one step at a time and began to meticulously walk through the shower of nettles and thorns. Suddenly the thorns started to get higher and It almost reached my neck ! But suddenly something unbelievable happened. A flash of light shone before me when I was least expecting It. It blinded me in seconds and I couldn’t see anything. The winds grew strong followed several tornadoes. The houses caught on fire and the sky was filled with smoke and bad air and a giant fly trap rose up.

That’s all I remember before I ended up at the hospital!

500 word challange

This is my 500 word challange and I wanted to show you so here it is;

One day, a girl called Rosie found two kittens. She did not know what to do because they were tied up in a bag ,so she thought who was cruel enough to do this? Rosie took the bag gently home and cut it open. Rosie examined the kittens and they had a collar on them, so she rang the number on the collar. They were the crazy cat lady’s over the other side of the street. Rosie thought that if she kept them then she would not have to go the crazy cat lady’s  house again and have the cats business on her sandwiches. The kittens were only small so she had to feed them with milk.

She went to the shop and bought this special milk. Rosie thought she should feed them with a tiny bottle, so she did. Rosie knew something was happening because one of them was bigger than the other. She asked her mum  to take her to the vets and it turned out that they were not from the same litter of kittens so they could have babies. She knew that they were having to keep lots of cats so she wanted to have a building for them and it could be luxury for the cats. 

A couple days later, the kittens were born so they had to name them. There were now 8 cats in the house. Rosie called the older two cats Sienna and Mo and the younger six, Billy, Molly, Millie, Buster, Beryl and Whiskers. She chose those names from a website because she couldn’t come up with names cute enough to call them. Rosie went to the shop and  brought home a lot of toys for the kittens to play with. The kittens loved them. The kittens were teething so she had to give them proper food.One day she came home from school and …the cats had pooped all over her best dress so she went mad but her mum let her order another one.

There was nothing bad about the kittens except that one thing and they did it for a reason and that reason was; their litter-tray was dirty.By the time the cats were 2 months old, the building was built and it was masive, because it was masive they made 3 bedrooms and two other rooms for them and the rest for the cats.

They moved out of there house but something happened. One of the cats were missing. They searched everywhere but her cats was nowhere  to be found. They found it in the end and it was in one of the moving boxes. From then her friends always came round to play  and never wanted to go home because it was so big.They loved to talk about things like cats, boys and much more.They loved to play with the cats,Rosie’s toys and her new baby brother, baby James. They had a happy life from then.They never wanted it to end.