my sleepover

On saturday my friend Sammy came for a sleepover.We had lots of fun playing on my wii game console and playing with my lego.nA few hourslater we went to the cinimas to whach epic and afterwards we went to mcdonlads.When we went home we went upstairs to play with my lego agian and then we went to bed and whached a film.And today we took Sammy home.


I was on my scooter and all of a sudden I heard a dreadful sound and I started to feel nervous.I started to go faster and faster I felt that someone was watching me.I looked at the back of me and I saw a person chasing me I shouted help someone help me please some ones trying to shoot me!.Ow he shot me in the arm I must get home now.I made it Dad dad help me some ones shot me Dad.What did he look like he had a black coat with a black hood did he now I will call the police.

easter holiday

on saturday 13th march my friend came round and we had lots of fun.First we played mario Karts on my wii game consolve then we played mario galaxy.After that we went up stairs and did some lego then it was time for tea.After that we did roket baloowns and we had great fun blowing them up and letting them go.Then we played a game called whos who.And then my friend went home.

what I do at cubs

When I got to cubs I first had a bit of time to run a round.Then I stood in a circle and stood at at ease with my hands behind my back.After that we came in close and knelt down and one of the cubs said cubs do your best. Next we all said we will do our best and then we spread out again into a circle and did the register and then we played dogeball and basket ball.Then we gatherd up into a circle agian and the cub leader said nanight cubs and we all said it back and we went home.


what I did in my holidays

On friday 15th febuary my Mum recieved a text message saying would I like to go to my friend Sammys  10th birthday party,on saturday the 16th.I had great fun because we played a game on his playstation.After that we went to the park and played football we had great fun.Then we played tag aswell.

We all went back to Sammys house and had party food, ending up with a big slice of birthday cake.Three hours later at 6oclock we went to my Mum and Dads friends  Martin and Denice and my friend bradley’s house,for the night we had lots of fun playing lego mario brothers ,mariokarts ending up by having more food pizza and curly fries ,it was a very late night I was worn out that weekend was a great one .                                                                                                                                                           

Now Iam looking forward to staying at my Granny and Grandads to have a sleepover  and do some baking.

Great Fire of London: eyewitness accounts

On Friday we were refreshing our memories about the Great Fire of London – why, when, how and where it started, as well as exploring the reasons why it spread so quickly.

We worked in pairs to interview characters who were there on those fateful days in 1666. Some children wanted to be Samuel Pepys, others were Thomas Farriner, while there was some great role-playing and imagination from children who put themselves into the situation.

Can you guess who is who?