Our temple run story

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward ;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.This is terrible!I couldn’t see anything even though my eyes were being forced open.I landed down.A mysterious wind shadowed out all the light and clouded my thoughts.But then,through all the mist,I see something glimmering.What is it?I can’t tell what it is?My hand gently reaches out  and touches it.OWWW it was the blade of the helicopter.Then I thought of something:where is the driver?I  hesitate, if I get up I could die.I began to look for him.

Where am I? This place is full of eyes of horror. I am being watched but who or what by? I ran not knowing up from down. Something strange is going on around this unknown place. All that was on my mind was who or what it was? I stopped worrying and carried on. My heart was pounding because I didn’t know where I was going. Something moved like lightning, I looked but I say nothing. Should I hide? I looked up.I saw my escape. A door wide open that I can dash into. I ran into the little room but the door had no lock so I thought I just going to keep hold…..

 I can’t get away from this place. There are too many thoughts racing around my head and they won’t go away. Out of the blue, something caught my eye. The beautiful shimmering idol. I reached out to grab it when I  heard a noise. I can’t believe it. As the noise came near I sprinted with all my might. I feel the warmth of the monkeys getting closer to me. Is this the end? It can’t be, can this be real? It felt like all the blood rushed to my head as I raced out the doorway.

 Suddenly they caught up with me and I lost it. The monkeys were crazy, what were they doing? When I turned around I saw them jumping at me trying to scratch me. I was so scared all I could do was run. As I ran I thought that the monkeys would stop chasing me but they won’t. I was nervous I was wondering will I live or die? I think I have a plan. Climb up a tree and hide. I’m Guy dangerous I don’t run away, or do I? Let’s find out.

Earth veered from under my feet,showering the portentous pools below.I could feel the agony in my body strudling. I felt sweat dripping down my face.My heart is pumping with fear. I could feel  something  nibbling my feet while I was looking for safety. It was something so strong that it has the ability to. My feet are torn away from solid grow, with it my hope .I thought I died.The air brushes against my bone – chilling my face! I knew that it was the end . No it wasn’t, I was surprised to see i’m alive. Or maybe i’m dead?Water laid at my  body a  familiar  face hovered above me.

temple rum Mollie Molly Lucy Cian from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

Temple Run Story – Ending

Sliping,sliding and sluttering from the huge clif.
Guy Dangerous who had ginger hair ,fell into the dark blue water.
After that he was swimming for hours and hours to find and island and food.
Slowly he heard a noise.
A minute later he saw a hat of a pilot moving,he got it out and saw the pilot swimming.
Finally,they went out of the gloomy ,blue water and started to bulid a wooden ship.
Would they ever escape?

100-WC Wierd friend

“Wake up son!” Ben’s mum called
“five more minutes mum.” Ben said
1 hour later, Ben went to school it was snowing.
After the school day Ben was going home and he found a piece of paper .
Ben got his as red as a tomato glasses and picked it up and read it .
It said Go to moon you need to rescue the world.
1 day later,Ben went to the rocket and he went to the moon.
Ben arrived he saw a blue blob he said “whats you name?”
the blob awnesered “Bluie.”
What is going to happen?

My Holiday

On the First of April I went to the cinema With my two friends we went for Oz Great and powerful.
The next day it was my Birthday I played with my friends and we had lot of fun we ate lots of sweet s and we played on the Playstation.
Then after some days My friend Julia came to my friends house and we were playing together and then we had a sleepover together.


This afternoon we learned about music and some people were on the instrument and some on chromebooks.

People on chromebooks had to make up their own dance music.
Here is a link that we worked on called Button Beats

People on instruments had to play on keyboards,flute,voilin and lots of other instruments.