The Thing

In school we had a poem contest where if we won we would preform our poem at St Benedict’s  theatre . I decided to share my poem with you .

Its pink eyes stare

You can see joy proudness hunger

Its teeth shimmer sharp as razors

Who put me here ? Why ?

The rock I hide behind is no use

It sees me it growls it attacks

My life apperes in front of me

A vision of Joy Hope Dreams

Its on top of me

My own blood splatters me

I hear the crunching of bones the ripping of flesh

Then it stops my pain goes

Then I see it the thing that killed me

A thing never seen before

A thing so ugly its stare melts flesh

Its teeth chew through stone

Its saliva burns

Now the silence surrounds me


P.S. I wrote this by myself

100wc – Annabel M and Kimi-Blue

The Ice-Cream Snatcher

On a hot summers day , I was walking across the pier when I saw something flying in the air above me. I reckoned it was one of those pesky seagulls .  Going for another lick of my ice-cream , I realised something . THERE WAS A CLAW IN IT ! I looked up and saw some ZOMBIE SEAGULLS . They looked inside out , the intestines dangling from its split open belly . In seconds , the birds swooped down and grabbed my ice cream with me still hanging on . Suddenly I felt this pricking sensation on my hand . They were pecking it off . I let go forgetting about the shark infested waters .


100 wc -Annabel M


Help! That was all I could say . Nobody took any notice of me why?It was like I was invisible!Life was draining out of me like water drains out of a bath;all I could smell was freshly dug earth . In seconds I will lose my life ,my hope my dreams,and everything that came with it . Suddenly the pain in my arm spread and the next thing I know is I wake up in paradise.With my life and dreams gone my attacker had made my 9 years of life torture . I will never forgive Uncle Archie he attacked and killed me . He’ll pay .


The Mysterious Disappearance -100wc

Packing my lunch , I was ready for my daily trip to the moon . Steve , my alien best friend , lived there . I packed two ham and cheese sandwiches and two apples . Grabbing my lunch box , I ran towards the door clutching my magic flying flag .

In seconds , I was flying through the galaxy watching shooting stars flying past my head . When I reached my destination I saw Steve waiting for me . We rushed to the dining lump and started eating . After an hour or two , everything food wise had gone . Everything had disappeared including my flying flag . I was stranded !

Slow Writing Annabel M

Tall , mysterious , creepy . The clouds rolled in as the sky grew dark . Anxiously , I staggered towards it regretting every step . I noticed the flashing , as if somebody was in , in time with the lightning . Who was it ? The sound as high pitched as grinding metal drowned the thunder , it was my scream .

A Shakespear Spell

Warning not for the squeamish may include gory things .


Rat’s fleas and a humans knees

Then add some mouldy cheese

Monkeys brain and elephants skin

Mix them up and add some gin

Snake leftover and lovely heart

Then just add some dogs fart

Kittens teeth and teachers tounge

Then your couldren will really pong

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Add a wart then some poo

Then an adders scale and mouse doo

A bats wing and toe of a frog

Then 10 spikes of a hedgehog

Lizard tounge and owls claw

Then just add some eggs times four

Tooth of shark and tail of dog

Then the flesh from an warthog

Boil boil toil and troubel

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Cats snot straight from the nose

Then a pile of hamsters toes

The eye of a poisonous frog

Then a some mud from a dead dog

A dead tigers mouldy brain

A man who has gone conpleatley insane

Some  mouldy muddy frogspawn

Muddy clothes only slightly worn

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble

100wc Annabel M

It was a dark night and the moon was lighting up my dark un-decorated room . I was sweating after netball practice and was looking forward to having a bath . I heard a meow and then a shout . My gingery  cat Archie ran into the room and straight under my bed . I ran downstairs and grabbed myself a lovely fresh orange from the garden . There was a mysterious moan coming from the living room . It was Sarah  . Sarah and Will were my foster pearents I was separated at birth . I was told the news Will had died in a car crash!