Temple Run

The helicopter turbulently jerked forward;the crumbling engine uncontrollably exploded into life.The helicopter crashed into a million pieces of metal and glass.A instant prick touched my finger;tingles went down the back of my spine.Where is he?Horrible thoughts clouded my mind as I thought the unthinkable.Am I going to make it ?I closed my eyes and hoped.I saw something but I didn’t know what it was..I glanced at the helicopter, the pilot was gone!I looked around desperate for him, for someone,for anyone. I didn’t care if it was a stranger as long as they help me. I’m alone,hungry,thirsty and need help.I someone, anyone.I stood up and was dazzled by what I saw.

Where am I? I slowly turned my head and saw this weird place. I realised where I was in a rainforest. Shadows lurked in every corner. I thought I was going to get killed.  Just then there was a loud noise, it echoed through the forest. Who is there? What is there? What is going on? Is it a tribe or an animal? I didn’t want to find out. I heard the same echo again. What should I do? I asked my self.

I can’t get away from this place .All I can think about is the money the fame.I got closer to it step by step finally I touched it. As I grabbed it I could hear funny noises in the distance. I couldn’t get away. My imagination came to life. is this the end for me? It was all I can think about is death Thoughts raced around my head. Will I die or live? Zooming out of the door and onto the ancient path pathway. Shall I keep going? Homuch does this mean to me? Am I going to survive? I must I won’t give upSuddenly they caught up with me and i lost it. I thought could this be the end the. Suddenly they spoted me so i started sprinting.My hard was aching. I felt i was going to collapse. I want to live but can i? If i run faster will i lose them? I don’t know what to to do. Maybe i should  hide my self. I am scared. I dont no what to do. i was running really fast and i was tied. I was feeling guilty of stealing. It least i’ll be rich.

Earth veered from underneath my feet showering the portentous pools below.I fell down like a rock.Was it an earthquake?Bleak water engulfed.The water covered me,I thought I wouldn`t  make to the next island.The water felt like it had turned into ice, but I was determined to make it.This was all up to me.I swam to safety where  I bumped into the  pilot.”What should we do?” I asked.He remained silent.I swam as fast as I could Then I saw sharks swimming in circles, waiting for the next victim! I wanted to runaway!! or is it to late?! Would this be the end of me??? I close my eyes and waited… For hope that I will live to see  LIGHT.

The Quest from St. Joseph's Primary on Vimeo.

100 Word Challenge – Annabelle

MarcusOnTheMoon Week#26



“Wee, woo, Wee, Woo” I love bouncing on the moon. “What’s over there?” It looked like a blue shadowy figure. Daringly, I moved closer. It turned around. It told me it’s name, it said it’s name was “BouncyAggressiveReclessRobYacht” but I called it Barry for short. I noticed Barry had a picnic with him. I asked him if we could share it. Barry hesitated but eventually said “Yes.” For lunch we had: tuna sandwiches, cheese strings and we did have an apple but it floated away.

Barry yawned I thought he was going to eat me. Could this be the end?

April Fools

Here are a few April fools tricks the internet has done. Google has launched a new program called Google Nose. YouTube is shutting down, in 2023 they will reveal the winning video. Google Maps is giving directions to treasure. Twitter or Twttr is now saying that vowels are now 5 dollars a month. Daily Mail are trying to prove that a film from 1938 has a mobile phone in it. Virgin has made a new jet with a see-though floor. It’s not from 2013 but its a classic joke done in 1957 on a very serious program called Panorama.

10 Intersting And Strange Facts

1)  Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads.

2)  Even if an analog clock is broken, at least it shows the correct time twice a day.

3)  The trickiest tongue twister in the English language is apparently “Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”. Give it a try and see for yourself.

4)  Although the Stegosaurus dinosaur was over 9 meters long, its brain was only the size of a walnut.

5)  A hippopotamus may seem huge but it can still run faster than a man.

6)  Rats breed fast, 2 rats can create over 1 million relatives in just 18 months.

7)  While adults blink around 10 times a minute, infants blink only once or twice.

8)  Sound moves 4 times faster through water than air.

9)  Because natural gas doesn’t have an odor, strong smells are added by humans so leaks can be detected.

10)  Olympic gold medals look like gold but they’re made mostly of silver.


QR Codes – Infants

If you have saw my other blog post about QR code then you will know what to do with them but if you haven’t you, get an Ipad, Iphone or Ipod and scan it with a QR code scanner then theses blogs will come up.

QR Code generatorFoundation Stage 2

QR Code generatorMiss McDonald

QR Code generatorMiss Withington

QR Code generatorMrs Brett and Mrs Sheath

QR Code generatorMiss Mellors

QR Codes – Juniors

If you saw my previous post you will know what to do with these QR codes but if you don’t what you do is… If you have a Iphone, Ipad or Ipod scan it and then theses blogs will come up. On my next blog post it will be QR codes for the infants.


QR Code generatorMissAlton

QR Code generatorMrs Kirkland

QR Code generatorMrs Kearney

QR Code generatorMr Connor

QR Code generatorMiss Leadbeater

QR Code generatorMiss Fitzpatrick

100WC Annabelle

It was Tuesday, “I hate Tuesday!” exclaimed Molly.
“We all do,”  replied Toby, Molly’s older brother, “It’s part of life.” continued Toby.
“Be quiet you to, Molly bath time.” mum said
“Fine mum” Molly sighed. As Molly walked to the bathroom Tigger hopped out in front of her. Tigger is Toby’s orange and black cat. Toby has trained Tigger to be very mysterious so when Tiggers around you need to be careful. Tigger did have a sister but they were separated at birth. As molly was running the bath Tigger jumped in, Tigger is one of them strange cats that actually like water. Weird cat.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

We have been studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth and today we had a brilliant discussion about the lead character and his wife, Lady Macbeth.

We discussed the personalities of each character and lots of us have changed our minds about Macbeth. What do you think of him now?

Finally, we acted out a small role-play between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Have a listen and see what you think – how has Lady Macbeth tried to influence her husband? What is your opinion of her?