Apps for your Ipad

If you have an ipad, these apps and games are quite good.

1) Minecraft PE (paid and free versions)

You can build things and there are 2 types of games, survival mode and creative mode. Creative mode is just building things, and survival mode is where you mine for iron, coal, redstone and diamonds and everything in sight to make things to help you. You have to fight creepers when the sky turns black!

2)The Simpsons- Tapped Out (free)

Basicly you have to rebuild springfield! Collect characters and get XP and dollers from the income tax and shops to build all the houses.

3) Book Creator- (2.99)

It is creating books- but with a twist. Add music and recordings, even your own pictures you can add! If you have Ibooks, you can read it from there. Quite useful if you like writing stories.

4)Temple run- (1 and 2 free)

What you have to do is quite simple, Run from the demon monkeys! Just run, jump, duck and tilt to collect coins!

5) Flow free- ( 1st free- flow free bridges paid)

Join the coloured dots without crossing eachother and you have to fill all the grid! A brain puzzle, but gets harder and harder…

I hope you enjoy these apps- they are all for kids.