Before sunrise

                                              Before sunrise

As night fell, my family were lurking inside the walls of our dark village. All of my friends and family were playing together apart from me, the lonely child. I was upset, everyday they made fun of me. I just wanted a friend.

I had to run away, there was no reason for me to live. I had no meaning in my life so I went up a drain pipe. I went up there because it was the only place I could go. It was my home.

I thought to myself what should I do next. So I followed the light and it led me to the library. When I went in there was an old man fast asleep in his chair. I saw lots and lots of books. It almost felt like it was my home. It was the only thing that I could trust.

Suddenly I saw the most amazing thing. It was beautiful. Slowly I climbed up the man and walked onto the table. It was the fire on a candle. She looked like she has never been out before and was lonely.. she turned around and saw me. I was afraid but in love. I touched her face and in shock it burnt my hand so I stepped back and I climbed down.. A huge tear came from her eye. It could have made a river.   With a sigh I changed my mind it was my only home but I knew that I would get hurt.

I went out the door I turned back then I saw the man he was awake.

All of a sudden he was about to blow out the beautiful candle. Then my heart stopped all I could think of was the fire. I ran as fast as I could to the library. Finally I got to the huge and spacious library. The old and limping man saw me! was this the end?…….

He hit me on the leg with some kind of weapon. I started to limp. I stopped and remembered my friends, I thought I’m not scared I am supposed to be strong not a scaredy cat..  so I turned myself into a horrible dark shadow. He screamed like a baby then I turned back to the fire but I was too late the man had already blew her out. Next I bandaged up my leg. Then I saw my friends they didn’t care about me until I decided that I would play with them.

The next day I was playing with my friends and they smashed the window again.  Then I decided to laugh with them.


Before sunrise

Before sunrise

Chapter 1

It was before sunrise.The worst bit of the morning.They are coming. The clouds slowly drifted in the sky wandering on them. I tiptoed around my brothers uncertain of this new world. My dear candle has been whipped away  by a breath of air.She was the  prettiest candle I have mourned for.My burn is steaming slowly and silenty healing itself, taking away my  of not being there to help her.I sat on the roof thinking “Why is this happening?” “What am I doing?” “I should be with her!”

I hopped off the roof and went into the room which my brothers were messing about in “just pipe down please because I have just lost the love of my life”.They just stared at me I went and sat on a log and cried  with all my heart.My brothers just carried on playing not caring one bit.”I hate all of you I have lost the flame in my heart as well as the flame on the outside!”.”what do you mean?”asked my smallest brother I just ran off to the sunrise just opening up.I feel like I am torn in two. I am lifeless without her, the love of my life.


  Chapter 2


I just stood there thinking about her the flame,the fire whatever she is a still love her.I swiftly went to the candle wax where she is well,WAS I ran up and hug the candle wax not thinking.It brings back painful memories. I rushed off feeling deeply depressed. I could of been there for her I do not know what to do.My body does not work without her I can not swallow,drink or chew I am not complete without her.